On my first trip, I discovered my passion for capturing emotions. I moved towards photography because it seemed to be the best way to capture the emotion that I was chasing from country to country. Over time, photography was no longer enough, and video emerged as a way to record and, more importantly, transmit emotion. Up close and personal. Something alive. The search for emotion, which grows a little stronger every day, led me to weddings because it is a long journey! A journey full of exchanges, cultures, and traditions. An adventure where the story of your family is written, where hope and love spring forth. I love capturing the path you have traveled, the accomplishments, and also the beginning. Your path, your beginning. I believe happiness is in the details, and I will strive to offer you an authentic souvenir and a discovery at the same time. Absorbed by your day, you won’t be able to see everything. I will tell your story and let you dive into it: the most beautiful thing in a story is the way it is told. I attach particular importance to contemplation, to suspended time… I will bring my small artistic contribution to your edifice. I love sharing your moment to offer you emotion and eternity. As an autodidact passionate about art, images, and music, I will ensure that everything is harmonious. Yours, Chris